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The RCEMLearning app is educational and it’s designed for use by emergency medicine physicians, students and affiliated groups (nurses, paramedics etc).It covers the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s curriculum and its main objective is to keep emergency medicine practitioners up to date with the speciality’ core and emerging knowledge, educational news and policies. It has a variety of content to reflect the diversity of its learners;
RCEM Reference crucially provides fast offline point-of-care support for clinicians;
RCEM Exams and CPD helps users keep abreast of core knowledge as they move through their training, appraisals and revalidation;
RCEM FOAMed Network is driven by social media and delivers content in two formats (podcasts and blogs) across a range of clinical topics in formats which makes it easier to keep abreast of changing knowledge and practices. It also has the ability to Tweet out a podcast to spread the knowledge further.
The Logbook enables doctors to record procedures instantly that they’ve undertaken or observed and enter some reflective notes about them.
The app is intended to facilitate learning and education in clinical and non-clinical settings.
PLEASE NOTE!!! *Due to clinicians needing content offline the initial load of the app will download content from RCEM Learning to your device, giving constant access to critical information. This will take a few minutes depending on your internet connection but will only happen once*